I firstly presented a Discover Success Mastery 2 day retreat over 2 years ago (approx 8 to 10 hours tuition). It was found to be stimulating and helpful with ongoing positive effects for my attendees. The main basis of the program is to help you identify who you truly are and assist you to be the best version of yourself.
Through identifying blocks I can then assist you to establish practical successful techniques for your life, health, wealth, success, home, work and relationships.


Since the retreat I have worked with my Discover Success Mastery program individually however it works great in a group setting. I mentor through the various aspects of the manual, with expert questioning, focused sharing, creative discussion and purposeful application both online or in person, depending upon requirements.
We can reduce some of the tutorial time by you taking more homework time, so firstly let us discuss your unique needs and we can fit a program around you.
To assist you better I may utilise other key tutors within the program such as Venu, Pragati, John and or Arianna for instance; so depending upon the time and input identified we will create a proposal.

Would you like to make that change today! Are you ready for that change!

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