30 mins session: $60
Full session (1 hr): $90
90 mins session: $130

If you have specific requirements, PLEASE ASK.

Payment can be made into my ANZ bank account: 06-0603-0947180-11 -or- via PayPal to

My normal working hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm,
Monday-Friday, NZ time however I can book early evenings and weekends plus I run classes over these times – so I am pretty flexible


I understand you are busy so this is why I offer to come to you!

Travel time is extra at $1 a minute.
Special estimates upon request.

Feel free to contact me if you want to organise a special seminar for your company.
My dedicated Mentorship packages are highly recommended.



If you really can’t fit the session in your schedule or If you are far away, you can book a session with me on the phone.


19 Women, 19 Stories 19 Different walks of life, all coming together to take you on a journey of Spiritual Awakening and how they as a Goddess heard her call.
They embark on life’s journey, each meeting Tina and igniting their Spiritual Growth, Feminine Healing Powers and stepping into their own Goddess.
This is a path of Sisterhood like no other, When The Goddess Calls it teaches us about Diversity, Strength, Courage, Love and Friendship.
The Divine Feminine Awakens.

Be the first!
When The Goddess Calls
- Volume 3 (Australia)

In what is the 3rd book in this series, Tina Pavlou the founder of The Goddess Rooms, an Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor, has brought together 19 Soul Sisters in Australia and Pip in New Zealand in this highly engaging and powerful book.

” This book for me will be an invaluable reference to reignite the goddess within us all with women inspiring women with raw accounts of incredible journeys to success. A collaboration of women across the globe.

We are officially now a best seller! oh yes!!

I have just arrived back to live in Cambridge, NZ after 11 years of surviving severe health issues and am now feeling amazing and am so very excited to share how you can be the best you can be too.

I invite you to enjoy this wonderful book and to take a look also at my other two books – Cosmic Radiance Discovery and Being in Colour ”

Love to all the goddesses in this world

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